Lumsden Grinding

Rotary and reciprocating surface grinding

Lumsden Grinding

In addition to our profiling service we can also offer Lumsden Grinding as a complimentary service. Our Lumsden Grinding services include

12 Lumsden Rotary Grinding Machines up to 126″ Diameter.

3 Lumsden Reciprocating Grinding Machinesup to and including 192″ (4877mm) x 26.25″ (667mm) with overhang

Flat / parallel to within 0.04mm to 0.05mm per running 300mm (1.5 to 2 thou per running foot)

Unspecified dimensions ground to +/- 0.25mm (10 thou)

Specified dimensions ground +/- 0.12mm 5 thou)

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